Meet the Acupuncturist

Meet the Acupuncturist - Julie Barefoot L.Ac                                      Acupuncture in Mountain City, TN, Raleigh, NCJulie Barefoot, a native from Raleigh, NC, has a varied background in taking care of others that dates back to 1998. As a former high school teacher and esthetician, Julie realized early on that her passion lies with educating and helping others with their journey through life. Currently, she resides in Mountain City, TN where she operates Mountain City Alternative Health three days a week as well as sits as an adjunct faculty member of Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in Sugar Grove, NC. In addition, she see patients in her hometown of Raleigh, NC every other weekend.

Over the years, her Oriental Medicine focuses have been fine tuned and she finds her specialties are chronic diseases, pain management, fertility, and labor and delivery. But, that certainly does not mean she stops there!

She loves life in her mountain community where she is committed to empowering the people to enjoy good health through utilizing her knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm.   

Julie also enjoys educating the public about the benefits of natural health on her weekly radio show on the local station WMCT.       

Julie Barefoot is licensed in both North Carolina and Tennessee as well as nationally certified by the NCCAOM.


Acupuncture Clinics
Two Locations:  

312 West Main Street
Mountain City, TN

Oak Park
Raleigh, NC